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payment options

  • Budget Plan -Start putting money away for your next fuel bill. We'll review your yearly fuel usage and calculate a monthly payment to cover your costs. Our plan starts in May to ensure you have enough saved for the winter ahead.

  • Payment on Delivery (COD)- Leave a check or pay one of our friendly drivers when they arrive.

  • Prepayment- Stop by the office with payment or give us a call to process your credit card over the phone to pay for your order before we deliver.

  • 7 Day PaymentAfter your first delivery you may enjoy the benefit of paying within 7 days, same as if you paid on delivery.
    ​Based on eligibility, application required.

delivery options

Our team serves residential AND commercial customers in central Schuylkill County offering Multiple delivery options along with payment plans to suit your needs. We deliver quality products at a discounted price which include Flame Rite Premium Heating Oil, the best heating oil you've ever used, and Premium HD5 Propane, Pure Propane.
We are a LIHEAP participant.

Our Services


We deliver Premium HD5 Propane which is the highest quality available and also referred to as pure propane. Propane is clean burning and was approved as an environmentally friendly fuel by the Clean Air Act of 1990 and the National Energy Policy Act of 1992. 
We deliver Flame Rite Premium Heating Oil which includes additives that help keep contaminates out (ex. water & sludge) and your entire heating system clean which ultimately results in better fuel economy. With Flame Rite Premium Heating Oil you'll require less routine maintenance and use less fuel. The fuel will burn more completely - producing more heat with less soot and smoke. Consequently, while saving money on your fuel by using less, you'll also be contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment. We are also delivering ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO) which has many benefits for your heating system and the environment. Click the button to learn more.

Looking for A service technician?


Looking to add a propane heating system or take advantage of our discounted prices? We offer rental programs that will get you the right tank for your needs & the service you deserve.

heating oil additives

Have an outside tank or sludge build-up? We have the additive that's right for you.

heating oil delivery 


Want to be on the list? Give our office a call. 

energy assistance

  • We are a LIHEAP participant.​
Automatic Delivery -Leave it all to us. After your first fill-up we will monitor your fuel usage based on high and low daily temperatures and what you use the fuel for (heat, hot water). Once our records show you're in need of fuel we will schedule you a delivery. And there is no need for you to be home when we stop by. Our driver will deliver your fuel, leave a delivery slip, and then we'll send you a bill.

Based on eligibility, application required.

Will-Call Delivery Give us a CALL, submit a PROPANE DELIVERY REQUEST, or place a HEATING OIL ORDER ONLINE when you'd like one of our delivery trucks to stop by with a designated amount of fuel, dollar amount, or a fill-up.