We offer a Budget Program and a 7 Day Payment Plan, which is based on eligibility and application is required.

Budget Program: We review our customer's yearly fuel usage and calculate an estimated monthly payment to cover their fuel costs for the upcoming heating season. There are a total of 11 payments in the Budget Program and our plan starts in May to ensure our customers have enough saved for the winter ahead.

7 Day Payment Plan: Once you are an established customer you may apply for our 7 Day Payment Plan.  This plan gives our customer the benefit of having 7 (seven) days to pay their bill with convenient ways to make payment after the delivery. 

Do you offer a lock-in price?

Heating oil is a type of petroleum that comes from refined crude oil and is in the distillate family (diesel is also in the distillate family). Heating oil is used to provide heat and hot water to a home with a furnace or boiler system. 


We suggest refilling your propane tank when it reaches 20%, with it falling to no less than 10%. Also note, a propane tank is only filled to 80% as 20% is left in the tank for expansion of the gas. ​

When you run out of heating oil you will need to restart your furnace but in order to do that you will need some fresh oil in your tank. First, place an order with us or your local supplier ASAP and let us or them know you are out of heating oil. If you are unable to get a delivery scheduled right away then you can get fuel in a 5 gallon fuel container or other size fuel container to pour into your tank. We do offer a heating oil pump here, that you may use, that works just like any other fuel pump (Pump #7 & Pump #8). We also sell 5 gallon fuel containers. If you cannot get to our heating oil pump then you can also put diesel fuel in your tank which can be found at many gas stations. Diesel and heating oil are essentially the same thing, heating oil is just dyed red for tax purposes. Once you have heating oil in your tank you can restart your furnace. This step is typically referred to as a “Prime & Start”. For instructions on how to restart your furnace check out this YouTube video: 

 If you cannot successfully restart your furnace on your own, you can call a service technician. We offer a prime and start service upon delivery, which is a $39.00 fee, but you must be home at time of delivery. 

If you are in need of assistance with your fuel bills, you should get in contact with the LIHEAP Office to see if you qualify for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.
To apply online or view program requirements visit PA DHS LIHEAP.
To request an application or talk to a representative call the LIHEAP Hotline at 1-866-857-7095.

Our minimum delivery of propane is 75 gallons. There are no additional charges if we deliver 75 gallons or more. However, if the delivery is under 75 gallons there is a delivery fee of $1.00 per gallon under 75.
For example, if we delivered 65 gallons the delivery would be 10 gallons under our minimum so there would be a delivery fee of $10.00 (10 x 1.00).

How big is my oil tank?

What is your minimum delivery of heating oil?

I ran out of heating oil, what can I do to get my furnace back up and running?

What should I do if I need assistance paying my fuel bills?

How often should I get my furnace serviced and who can I call?

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not offer a lock-in price. However, we always offer a best daily price on both heating oil & propane. Our fuel prices are always up to date online and can be found on our FUEL PRICES page or you could give our office a call at 570-622-4198 to find out more information on our fuel prices.  

Propane is a type of gas known as liquefied petroleum. It is also known as LP gas or LPG. Propane is known to be nontoxic, colorless, and practically odorless. For detection purposes an odorant is added to propane called mercaptan which smells like rotten eggs.  Propane is most commonly used to heat homes (supplemental heating or whole home heating). It can also be used for cooking and to run refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes dryers, generators and even air conditioners!

The most common residential heating oil tank has a capacity of 275 gallons and, when filled by your supplier, fills around 250 gallons to leave room for expansion and error.​


It is recommended that you get your furnace serviced annually to make sure it is in good working order for the heating season. Here is a list of technicians in our area you can contact for service:

At what point should I refill my propane tank?

Do you offer any types of payment programs?

Our minimum delivery of heating oil offered during the off-season (Spring, Summer, Fall) is 50 Gallons. Our minimum delivery offered during the heating season (Winter) is 75 Gallons. If a delivery is made for less than 50 gallons then a $25.00 short delivery fee will be charged. For pricing on these minimum delivered quantities, please give our office a call at 570-622-4198.​

What is your minimum delivery of propane?