HOT 4-in-1 (anti-gel)

A concentrated treatment that provides superior anti-gel protection for the winter and then some.
Best for outside and above ground storage tanks.
  • Disperses Water - Disperses any normal accumulation of water in a tank, turning it into a combustible solution.
  • Gets Rid of Sludge - Specially formulated chemical base dissolves the sludge into a combustible substance in such a way as not to clog nozzles while assuring clean filters and strainers.
  • Improves Atomization and Reduces Soot - Eliminates sludge so the heating oil reaching the nozzles is clean. This will mean improved atomization takes place and soot is reduced substantially. Ultimately resulting in more complete combustion, less smoke and better fuel economy.
  • Prevents Waxing and Gelling (Anti-gel) - Will disperse the water that causes fuel line and fuel filter icing. Also during the coldest days of winter, heating oil in outdoor tanks can cease to flow. The reason is paraffin wax, always present in heating oil, develops crystals when the fuel oil reaches it's "cloud point" temperature. When these crystals are totally formed at the "pour point" temperature, the heating oil ceases to flow. HOT 4-in-1 will lower the cold filter plug point (CFPP) and the pour point of heating oil which will prevent waxing and gelling even in the coldest temperatures.

Heating Oil Additives


An excellent chemical treatment for cleaning burner orifices in oil burners, dissolving sludge, and dissipating water in heating oil. Best for inside and underground storage tanks.
  • Prevents Corrosion in Heating Oil Tanks
  • Dissolves Sludge
  • Removes Water
  • Improves Oil Flow
  • Prevents Fuel Line Freeze-up
  • Reduces Soot
  • Stabilizes Summer Storage
Reduces fuel costs by dissolving sludge and rust in heating oil tanks. Contains a special water dispersant to eliminate and prevent troublesome sludge by imparting a uniform consistency to heating oil. Prevents ice freeze-ups by eliminating condensate water. If used regularly it helps prevent clogging of strainers and nozzles. Clears fuel lines and prevents leaks by fighting corrosion. Reduces soot by increasing burner efficiency. Prevents the formation of sludge to increase oil burner efficiency and decrease oil consumption.